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Church Operations Consulting

Every congregation could use a set of additional eyes when reviewing congregational operations. The Ekklesia Foundation can provide you with the following:


Strategic Planning

"[A congregation's] programs should flow out of the church's mission. Longtime members ... may suggest retaining all, or at least many, of the programs.... Some of the programs probably began many years earlier as a result of a specific need in the church or community. As times change, community needs also change. Old programs may have lost theirurgency and effectiveness, and they may not contribute to the mission of the [congregation]."1

While difficult advice, Rev. Dirk Elliot's notes about the importance of missional alignment are crucial to today's congregation. Without a clear vision, mission, purpose, and core values, many ministries become self-defeating.

1. Dirk Elliott, Vital Merger (New Castle, DE: Fun and Done, 2013), 86–87.

Restructuring & Revitalization

"Declining ministries are like sinking ships. Some people are quick to abandon them.... People are down emotionally, which drains them of the energy need to be involved in renewal."2

Dr. Aubrey Malphurs is exactly right in his assessment, which is why it is crucial for congregations in decline to bring-in outside experts to guide them through the process of revitalization and, if necessary, restructing.

2. Aubrey Malphurs, Advanced Strategic Planning, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids, MI: BakerBooks, 2005), 13.

Vendor Management Auditing

"What does bearing 'fruit' look like? What makes it fruit of the Spirit and not just secular 'good‐ness' such as the Fair Trade Movement? Is Christianity 'implied' in any act of goodness? Or is there something more transformational that happens when we let Christ move and work within people....

Creative entrepreneurship may bolster creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit. But what happens when Jesus followers and the Church become artisanal, creative, collaborative?"3

These questions asked by Dr. Leonard Sweet inhabit not only the theoretical realm, but very much the practical realm when a congregation makes selections of vendors.

3. Leonard Sweet, Me and We (Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 2014),127.


First Impressions Auditing

"Every Sunday is somebody's first Sunday."4

Whether you call it First Impressions, Hospitality, Guest Services, or something else, Pastor Danny Franks captures succinctly the entire philosophy behind this ministry. And, since every Sunday is someone's first, shouldn't we provide the best, most welcoming experience? The difficulty to overcome in achieving this goal is that we're often unaware of how guests perceive our hospitality, because we are used to how everything runs from Sunday to Sunday.

4. Danny Franks, People Are the Mission: How Churches Can Welcome Guests Without Compromising the Gospel (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2018), 72.

Next Steps/Connections Auditing

"You might expect that in an era of mobility and technology, a site like MySpace would be a 'global village,' leading to an explosion in the number of relationships available to any given person. But in factMySpace--and every other space, online or off--turns out to be a globe of villages, collections of small networks of people. Anthropologists specular, in fact, that we are hardwired for small groups--that human beings are simply designed to operate in a village, even if that village exists in the midst of a vast metropolis...."5

While Rev. Andy Crouch's technology references may be dated (although only by a decade), the truth stands that people are communal, seeking to share life with others. Our job, then, is to connect them to fellow believers in order to celebrate joys and share burdens.

5. Andy Crouch, Culture Making (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Books, 2008), 242.

Outreach & Community Engagement Planning

"The single term that best describes the way God wants His gospel given is boldness."6

Merely inviting friends, neighbors, or strangers to church services is no longer effective for reaching the communities in which our congregations live. With boldess--as Rev. Dr. James MacDonald explains--we must go out into the world and effectively communicate the life-saving message of the Gospel.

6. James MacDonald, Vertical Church (Colorado Springs, CO: David C Cook, 2012), 238.


Leader Coaching

"People do not design ships by accident or caprice. Every sea vessel is made and tested to meet certain criteria. What kind of seas will the vessel cross? How much can it carry? In many ways, God has uniquely created you to sail a certain kind of sea and reach a certain kind of port.... There are as many kinds of boats as there are harbors--such is the nature of ministry."7

Using Rev. Dr. Barry Jones' ship metaphor, if your ministry ship's captain is unsure about how best to navigate the seas, the entire ministry is at risk of getting lost or, worst, of sinking. Even if the captain has the knowledge and experience needed to navigate those seas, the rest of the leadership team may not.

7. Barry Jones, et al., "Fidelity," in Spiritual Formation Curriculum (Dallas: Department of Educational Ministries & Leadership, 2013), 5.

Human Resource Planning & Hiring

"It's sobering but unavoidable. One day it will be over. One day someone else will be doing what you are doing. One day you will be replaced. Whether you have an exit strategy or not, you will ultimately exit. And on that day, everything you've done, everything you've dreamed, and everything you've built will be placed in someone else's hands.

[L]eaders don't volunteer; they are recruited."8

Corporate headhunters exist for the exact reason that Pastor Andy Stanley mentions. It's amazing that it takes small congregation just as long or longer to hire a new pastor after the last pastor has already left, as it does major corporations with billion-dollar budgets. No one wants to cut-corners on discerning God's will for congregational leadership, but there are practices that can ease the process and reduce the overall timeframe for making staffing decisions.

8. Andy Stanley, Seven Practices of Effective Ministry (Sisters, OR: Multnomah Publishers, 2004),158, 164.

Policy Auditing

"Good leaders are also good stewards. Stewardship usually refers to responsibility to God with money and material gain. Good leaders must also develop good stewardship with their time ... [and] their work...."9

If Dr. Thom S. Rainer is right that good leaders are good stewards of their time and work, shouldn't those leaders be given every advantage in making the most of their time and work? Drating congregational policies isn't the expertise of most congregational leaders.

In fact, most leaders are unaware of the requirements for policies relating to COPPA compliance, ECFA accreditation, kidSAFE certification, DMCA compliance, ADA compliance, and GDPR compliance, not to mention the valuable internal policies related to facilities, staff, and volunteers.

9. Thom S. Rainer, The Book of Church Growth (Nashville, TN: Boradman & Holman, 1993), 189.

Church IT Consulting & Services

The Ekklesia Foundation provides IT consulting to congregations. We can perform the following for you:


Needs Assessment

The first step of our advising begins with discerning what your needs are. Any solution should ultimately be based on your congregation's needs. We don't do technology for technology's-sake.

Technology Audit

After we've discerned your needs, then we go about to discover what technology you are currently using. Keep in mind, even the printing press is technology!

Finally, we deliver to you a report including your Needs Assessment, Technology Audit, and Recommended Solutions. You are in the driver's seat, deciding what, if any, of our recommendations to implement.


Website Design & Management

Publishers and advertisers can decide how to present their content and what technology vendors to use, all while maintaining and improving key performance indicators.

Web & Email Hosting

Whether your internal team, a vendor, or the Ekklesia Foundation experts design and manage your website, we can provide your congregation with low-cost hosting solutions on top-of-the-line servers with 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Social Media Management

Publishers and advertisers can decide how to present their content and what technology vendors to use, all while maintaining and improving key performance indicators.


/poy‧eh‧ma/ (Grk. ποιεμα) noun: "that which is made, work, creation "10
example: People are God’s poiema, (see, Eph. 2:10).

10. William Arndt et al., A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000), 842.

The Ekklesia Foundation is currently developing a Church Management System (ChMS) to ease the burden of essential administrative, communication, and  congregation management functions.


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Web Site Management

Poiema's ChurchSite component provides your congregation with a mobile-ready, professionally developed website focused on engaging site visitors, both congregants and guests. Poiema's Steward component can also empower your site to accept online tithes and offerings.


The ChurchConnect component of Poiema facilitates centralized communications for your congregation by integrating email, SMS, and social media distribution lists, as well as managing event scheduling and registration.

Next Steps Management

Whether your congregation calls it Next Steps, Connections, or something else, Poiema's Shepherd component enables you to easily progress congregants and guests through the Ekkelsia Foundation's PathWay:WCGS framework utilizing your existing small groups, classes, and Bible studies.

Centralized HR & Policy Management

Your leadership team needs to track and manage both volunteers and staff. And, every congregation needs to post certain policies to reduce risk. Poiema's Vision and Strategos components help you achieve these essential functions.

Let's talk.

Whether your church leadership team needs advice, auditing, or IT services, the Ekklesia Foundation wants to partner with you to achieve your vision, optimize your processes, and extend your reach.

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